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dolce girls

Hello, we are the Dolce Girls. Thank you for visiting our website and reading more about us and why we created Dolce Nada! Let's begin with introductions, Nada and Ashley are the mother daughter duo that founded Dolce Nada in 2020!


We both have had a passion for baking and creating for as long as we can remember! Our favourite thing to bake together was warm gooey chocolate chip cookies! We would bake and then we would cuddle up and watch Parent Trap (yes that was our favourite movie). We loved sharing our passion for baking so we would always send our freshly baked cookies to our close friends and family and one day we decided that we wanted to share our love of cookies with you! 

The rest is history! We now get to do what we love, for all of you! We are so grateful for the Dolce Nada gang and for all the constant love and support! Without you we would not be able to share our passion for baking!

There is always a reason for Dolce Nada! 

Life a little sweeter

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