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How big are Dolce Nada cookies?

We believe the BIGGER, the BETTER! 

Where are you located?

Dolce Nada is an online bakery therefore, we do not have a brick and mortar store…YET!

Do you have pickup location?

Yes, we offer a free pickup location in Vaughan! We will provide exact pickup location after your order is processed!

Do you offer shipping?

Yes we do! We offer shipping all over Canada & 18 states across the United States for an additional cost. Additionally hand delivery cost is based on location.

When will I receive my order?

We bake everything fresh to order, so please give the Dolce girls 1-3  business days to hand craft your special order! If your order is finished earlier, we will contact you! You will get an email once your order is completed! 

Can I order in advance for a later date?

Of course, we totally understand life is busy, so please feel free to order ahead and leave the requested date in the order form. If for some reason we can’t accommodate you we will reach out!

There are so many flavours, I can't choose, what do you suggest?

We totally understand, that’s why we created our surprise box where the Dolce girls pick the assortment for you!

Cookie care... Can I reheat my cookies?

YES! We recommend reheating our cookies in your oven at 350 degrees for about 5-7 minutes, this allows you to have an oven fresh Dolce Nada cookie. * Do not reheat cookies with pretzels or cereal* 

Scone care... Can I reheat my scones?

YES! We recommend reheating our scones in the oven at 300 degrees for about 4-7 minutes for a soft and flaky Dolce Nada scone.

Do you offer nut free options?

We have many cookies & scones without nuts however, Dolce Nada is NOT a nut free facility!

Do you offer Gluten free, Vegan options?

Yes, we offer GF options, Vegan options and GF Vegan options! You will get our surprise dozen specially curated by the Dolce Girls

Do you offer catering for corporate?

We totally do! We cater small to large events. Anywhere from birthday parties to weddings to your business meeting! For all large orders please go to our corporate tab and fill out our form or Email us @ and someone from our special events team will reach out to you for more details!

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